Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Free Thinking

It's that time of my Friday afternoon where I start to drift and think of my trip home... My right boob hurts. I only let Zach nurse on the left side all night becuase I had huge nipple pain on the right side (from his teeth) and was scared it would hurt again. So now I am overfull and sore and about to start leaking. One of my online homes- IndyMoms- is changing to a new site next week and is "going dark" for the weekend. I hope it all goes well and all the lightbulbs come back Monday morning. Fun plans for the weekend! Tonight, we are probably heading north to Jeff's old high school for the Homecoming football game. We'll see how long we get to stay based on how the kids manage. And, of course, going out this evening will depend on Teagan's behavior at Lisa's house today... Also this weekend, we are going to the Renaissance Faire! We didn't go last year because I was hugely pregnant with a certain baby boy. But we are looking forward to going this year. It's moved to an area of grounds at Connor Prairie so it is close to home. And one more plan for the weekend is a Kid Activity!! This is a feature of the blog that I hope to do on a regular basis. Fun activities to do with kids that maybe you wouldn't have thought of trying on your own. This weekend, we are trying a fun and easy recipe that a friend shared... Chocolate Mug Cake. Stay tuned! My boob hurts. I tried the V8 Butternut Squash soup and wasn't impressed. Not much squash flavor. Seemed more like I was eating bland split pea soup. So you can skip it if you are tempted by it on the grocery shelf. I'm wearing pink today. It's a deep, bright pink and I really like it. My socks are all scrunchy under my desk. I always take my shoes off and now my socks are all loosey-floppy. Craisins are yummy. And my daughter loves them. I ate a fantastic salad with Craisins this week- made it 3 days for lunch. Spinach, broccoli slaw, sliced almonds, crumbled bleu cheese, craisins, bleu cheese dressing. And let me speak to that dressing. It's Bolthouse Farms Yogurt Dressing and it is fantabulous and you really ought to try it. It's in the cold section of the produce area in the grocery store. Some of the best bottled Ranch I've ever had and the Bleu Cheese is heavenly. Guess that's enough free form posting for now!

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