Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Night Out

Before I post about the evening after our wedding (get your mind out of the gutter), I want to tell you briefly about our day today. We had plans for Grandma to bring my brothers (Daniel is 16 and Ted, a freshman at Univ of Dayton, is 19), babysit this evening, be here for the birthday party tomorrow. I had a text message this a.m. from Grandma- they'd be here around 4:30. Around 1:30, the phone rings. It's my mom. She's sick. It sounds like she has what I am getting over so I know she feels miserable. And I am crushed. I don't think I realized just how much I was looking forward to seeing a movie with my husband of 5 years. How much I was looking forward to seeing my brothers, my mom. How much I wanted them to be there for Zach's celebration. And then a miracle happened. Of the everyday sort, I suppose. I texted 2 of my friends, Christy and Latifa, to make sure they were still coming to Zach's party tomorrow because I couldn't bear it to have someone else close cancel on me... Christy calls... offering to come babysit so we can go to a movie. I don't have words for how much our evening meant to me.

And so, as we did 5 years ago, we share this day. We spent the day surrounded by our most precious family- our kids. And we were granted some private, fun, relaxing time together. And we will spend our evening with a dear friend who supports our union, our children, and is a very important member of our family. Funny how things can change so much but when you keep your priorities in order, they can stay amazingly the same.


Sweet Fanny Adams

October 18, 2003 Jeff and I had wanted to find something for the group to do that would be entertaining for everyone involved. I did some internet research and discovered Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre. The theatre is located on the main strip near traffic light 3 and is one of the only non-country themed forms of entertainment in the area. I had spoken with one of the actresses, Jennifer, on several occasions while making our arrangements. If she was any indication of the show, I knew we were in for a high energy, highly entertaining experience!

Jeff and I were the newlywed couple in the audience that night and received a bit of attention for it. The actors double as the ushers and we were asked about the wedding several times once seated! The theatre reminded us a little of the Belfry due to its small size and intimacy with the stage.

Act 1 started and told the tale of Dr. Frank N. Stein and his latest creation- Rogi. Dr Stein considered Rogi to be a failure because he appears to be an idiot. However, Rogi seems to be a quick learner and is able to save Dr. Stein and his staff from the angry villagers. The show was filled with comic bits and hilarity. There were three in our group with distinctive laughs (the kind the actors can hear backstage and know the show is going over well)- Charlie, Connie, and Christy. The whole group really seemed to be enjoying it!

Intermission brought about the sing along. The actors involved completely faked me out! I thought for sure that I was headed to the stage but they pulled a very sweet older lady onstage instead. She was great fun but seemed a bit unsure of what they were going to do to her! Act 2 was a collection of songs and bits- very vaudeville. One of the bits involved pulling audience members onstage for a melodrama. I was selected to be the heroine- Sweet Chastity (“Oh, dear!”). I was the only one of the 4 audience members with any theatre experience so I did my best to lay it on thick. I got a big laugh from the audience when I was supposed to be acting like a dog so I tried to sniff the other guy’s backside! I was given a free admission ticket to Ripley’s Haunted Adventure and a coupon for a bag of dirt (more on that in another story).

Jeff wasn’t left out of the fun. During Act 2, Jennifer and another actress do announcements about people who are celebrating special occasions. Jennifer knew that I had received a lot of attention and decided it was time to (literally) shine the spotlight on Jeff. They had gifts for us to help us get our marriage off on the right foot! Jeff uses his acting experience to create some fun moments as they give us a new car and a piece of eyeball gum!!!

If anyone plans to visit Gatlinburg, we highly recommend a trip or two to Sweet Fanny Adams! They do their own material and perform 2 different shows throughout the week. We had wanted to go back for the other show but Christy and I were in no shape to be in public Monday night (more on that later, too).

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