Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bless His Heart

Jeff knew I didn't feel well. We ended up meeting at Miss Lisa's. He offered to take the kids home, I could run to the store to pick up ground beef and buns, and he would make dinner- Manwich. Sounds good to me!! I get home, he starts dinner. We get plates made amongst the chaos that is our home. He sits down, takes one bite and suddenly doesn't feel well. He is now in bed, upset stomach, fighting throwing up. Greeeeeat. I, however, put on my Supermom cape and managed to get both kids to bed with no whining, no tears, and no arguments!! I only had to use my "mom voice" once. Then got dishes done, food put away, trash taken out. And now I am here, talking to you! Gotta say... the childish side of me says... I'M the one being sick right now! When do I get to lay down and take naps and go to bed early? When do I get relieved of all duties?? But the grown up side of me says... Shew! Glad I'm not dealing with stomach issues. I hope Jeff feels better within a few hours or by morning. Childish... We are NOT allowed to be sick this weekend! Too much celebration planned that can't be rescheduled! I want my movie, I want my party, I want my shopping! Grown up... pretty much says the same thing.

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