Saturday, October 18, 2008

October 18, 2003 ~ The Reception

After our receiving line and more pictures at the Chapel, it was time to head to the cabin for our relaxed reception. Our friends had gone ahead of everyone else in order to set up the food before guests arrived. Ironically, we hadn’t had a chance to tell them about the shortcut. They left as soon as we started our pictures and we managed to arrive at the cabin at the same time! Shows what a good shortcut can do! The cabin was filled with ivory and red rose petals and we had placed candles throughout. The cake, a gift from Dan and Tim, was the centerpiece of the dining area and looked fabulous surrounded by red and ivory tapers. We kept the food simple- sandwich meat, sliced cheese, veggie tray, chips, etc. The focus was for people to meet and visit and relax. Big and scary excitement occurred, thanks to a pickle. My mom was in the kitchen getting a plate of food together. She popped a pickle in her mouth and was taken aback by its tartness. She quickly inhaled- and lodged the pickle in her throat. No one was close by and I was in the living room when I saw her clutching the counter and struggling for air. I began shouting for my dad and leapt across the room. I placed one fist in the ready position on mom’s stomach in case I needed to perform a little Heimlich maneuver. Dad got downstairs and we got mom calmed down and the pickle got itself worked through. Mom got some water and settled down. Guess she wanted to get some of the attention off of Charlie’s bumped head!! Once everything settled down and after everyone had some time to kick back and have something to eat, Jeff and I cut the cake. When we fed each other a small bite- he bit my finger!! Everyone laughed- it was a great break from the cake smashing bit but also made the moment unique! My brothers and dad enjoyed spending time upstairs playing pool, foosball, Ms PacMan and Galaga. Dad Chandler got in on the act for a while, as did Jeff and others. We discovered that Daniel has a knack for pool and my mom is a whiz at foosball! The cabin was filled with talk and laughter. It was exactly what we wanted. Soon guests had to begin departures. Several people were getting back on the road to head home. Some needed to get back to cabins and hotels to nap before the evening’s theatre experience. Several friends stepped in to help with cleaning up. Once the cabin cleared out, Jeff and I were finally able to take a deep breath and take a moment with just each other. Then it was our turn to get some rest before the evening continued!

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