Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Results

As promised, I am now going to share my fitness test results with you. First, let me say that I am damn proud of myself. I feel healthier than I have in a very long time. I have been able to chase my daughter without losing my breath or having to stop well before she does. I am keeping up with my children. I can feel muscles in places that I've never felt muscles before. I actually look forward to working out. While I fully recognize my own accomplishments, I also want to give props to a couple of people that got me to this point. First of all, my friend Christy. Without her, I never would have gone to the gym and I certainly wouldn't have stuck with it. Secondly, the trainers. Brad and Bridget at Fiziques. They pushed and kept us motivated but also watched out for our best interests. It's the connectedness that keeps me coming back. So- the numbers. 1.0 Walk/Run 8/30/08 15min43sec 10/2/08 13min 52 sec Leg Press (50 lb) 8/30/08 50 repetitions 10/2/08 79 repetitions Sit Up Test 8/30/08 46 10/2/08 71 Step Ups 8/30/08 62 steps 10/2/08 69 steps Push-Ups 8/30/08 20 10/2/08 26

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Lynn Freeman said...

BRAVO! Those are some impressive improvements - you must feel fantastic. Keep up the great work!