Wednesday, October 8, 2008

When I Grow Up...

If I could change my career... I would love to be a life coach. A parenting coach. A relationship coach. A sexuality coach. I really feel this drive to share what I call Lizdom sometimes. I know this is going to sound grossly egotistical. I have friends who call me for advice. And I give it. And it frequently nets good results. Here's my secret. I never know what I am going to say. I truly answer from my heart. I feel a calling. I feel like the words just come to me and I just have to share them as they come and then put the pieces together. The friends who have gotten advice from me often ask how I know so much... but the truth is I don't know much at all. I feel like the answers I give don't always come from me. Which is why it's a type of calling, right? Because it is coming from something, someone bigger than myself. But you can't sell that kind of skill that way. Am I crazy or what??

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Lynn Freeman said...'re crazy LOL

I'm kidding of course. But I now know who I will go to when I need advice for something! Had no idea you were gifted with that ability - and a fine gift that is. No wonder you have so many friends - you're a gem among them!