Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Secret Super Power

It really was an upside down day... so many experiences to share. Remember the story of Zach falling and getting hurt at his birthday party a week ago? Deja vue and then some today. His face was almost completely healed. Miss Lisa had dutifully been putting Neosporin on the abrasions under his left eye. All that was left was a scab on the side of his left nostril. This evening, my sweet baby boy was playing and toddling and being his happy self (after a cranky afternoon probably due to teething). And then he fell. And hit that same left side of his face, under his eye. He scraped the scab off his nose and further scraped it. He ended up with 2 small lacerations under his eye. He bled. And he screamed. And he cried. He was actually inconsolable. Until I remembered my secret super power. OK, it's not so secret. The boob. Never have I been more proud to have been nursing for these past 12 months. Even with our struggles, even now as he only night nurses so he is nursing frequently over night, even when I've felt like quitting... this moment made it all worthwhile. We cleaned him up and he cried. We wiped up blood and he cried. We put an ice pack on his eye and he cried. And then he latched on to my breast and began to suck and the sweet, warm milk filled his mouth and he swallowed it into his belly and his body relaxed. We could pat and dab and ice without concern. I looked down and would see his blood on my breast... and feel so intensely sad. My baby's blood. On my skin. But then I felt such comfort. Such peace. I have a secret super power. I have the ultimate comfort object at my command.

Here are pictures taken after he nursed. Daddy was getting ready to run to Target to pick up some Motrin (we had just run out this afternoon). And Zappy wanted his Daddy. The tears are in reaction to Zach reaching up to rub his eyes and nose. Daddy sushed and snuggled and calmed him down in the way only Daddy can. And Zappy felt better.

It was a team effort. I, alone, did not calm the baby. In the midst of Daddy running around grabbing the needed supplies as I held and cleaned Zach's face, Teagan was by my side, patting Zach's leg, calling him honey, shushing him and comforting him. She even brought him HER blankie. While Daddy went to Target, Teagan and I took Zach for a walk. Teagan gathered fall leaves and shared them with Zach. He loved watching his sister and his dog- we brought Sassy along.

A teaser... More on this picture tomorrow... I want to give my readers (all, what, 6 of you?) a chance to answer... leave your answer in the comments!! Fantastic prizes for the first correct answer! OK, not really. But we can pretend!

What movie is Teagan watching?

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Amy said...

I have a secret super power too:

But it's not the boob. Wish it was. The boob was my kryptonite -- as my formula fed babes will tell you.

Glad Zappy wasn't hurt too badly.