Friday, October 3, 2008

My Palin Experiment

This morning, in my hour-ish so far at work, I’ve been channeling Sarah Palin to see what kind of reactions I get. I’m not parodying her. But I’m winking and saying by golly and doing the gosh darn adorable thing while still making my point, bless your heart. Granted, this is with people who know and respect me in my management role. But the looks… I don’t know how I could ever go into, say, a contract negotiation with a potential supplier and click my tongue and give big winks and so on and be taken seriously. I get that it’s the content that matters. But if the mannerisms make it hard to get to the content… And can you imagine a man doing that sort of thing? He’d be described as a smarmy used car salesman! So I challenge my fellow working women to try it and see how it feels. It's interesting to see how people look at me but also I feel about myself.


Lynn Freeman said...

By golly Liz...if we did that sort of gosh darn thing up here in Canadialand, we'd be slapped with a big ol' sexual harrassment suit!!!

That's funny though...I like your experiment! And I do have to admit that I find Sarah Palin a little more than fascinating. I preferred to watch your debate over our Canadian one last night - how bad is that?!

Eternal Lizdom said...

I find that I really am fascinated by her, too. I want her to succeed and knock my gosh darn socks off. I'd love to see a woman VP. But I want it to be the best candidate for the job. And I don't think Palin's got it.