Saturday, October 4, 2008

Friday Night Lights

Last night, we celebrated what has become a fall family tradition. Attending Jeff's high school Homecoming football game. It means a lot to him, I think, for all of us to go. And I always get to see Jeff's friend's wife- and I really enjoy her. We get invited to the game on the day of the game each year by this friend that Jeff went to school with and played basketball with- Brent. Brent now lives in the same school district and his kids attend the schools he attended. Same for his wife- Leslie. They really want Jeff to move back up there and raise his kids up there. I'm not opposed to the idea- I've just set the limitation that I have to be a stay at home mom before I move that far away from Indianapolis. Jeff's high school is about an hour north of downtown Indianapolis. About 20-30 minutes from where we live now. But I don't see that happening. Unfortunately. Kind of. If we did live up there and the kids attended Hamilton Heights, it would mean that our kids would have to be exposed to the existence of their paternal grandmother. At this time in our lives, she doesn't exist and I rather like keeping it that way. As does Jeff. We try to avoid toxic people. Anyway. This isn't about that. We had a great time!! We arrived a bit after kick off. When you go in and head for the stands, you pass all of the various Booster groups doing various fundraisers. Jeff bought Teagan some cotton candy and an orange pompom. Then it was up to the stands. I have no clue what happened in the game. I was focused on kids and Leslie and people around us. Jeff's friend Robyn was also there- right in front of us. Always great to see her, too. We are getting to the part that I liked!! I promise! Halftime! This was the kids' limit- it was time to head back home. But not until we got to see the marching band!! They were much improved from a few short years ago when they marched onto the field and stood there while playing a couple of songs. This year, the music was better, the color guard was better, and the band actually moved around!! It's a camera phone pic so it doesn't show much, really. But here's the band, leaving the field.
And here's the family, snuggled up in the stands, making the best of the cold and the metal bleachers...
Then it was time to head home. The cool thing about leaving at halftime is that the band marches out of the stands and through the parking lot to the school- with just the drumline playing. I love that part!! Zach and I were dancing and dancing and having a great time. Teagan enjoyed it at the moment but then complained about the noise after we were in the car. Go figure. So, another year, another homecoming. It's a tradition I didn't have at my very small private school that didn't even have a football team. So it's fun. Once a year.

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