Sunday, October 12, 2008

Always Something New

After a good day yesterday, we decided that it would be fun to head down to the Children's Museum today. We've been many many times in the past few years. You think you know all that it has to offer... and I somehow always find something new to check out! Today's discovery was the baby play area in the Playscape area. Playscape is for kids age 5 and under. Big water table, sand table, train area, construction area, play house, magnet wall, and so on. There's also an area for kids under age 2. For whatever reason, we hadn't ever been in this space. There is a very padded area to crawl around in- a tunnel to go through, little bridge areas. Zach just froze up in there. So we headed up to the Babyscape play area. This was awesome!! There is a netted in area for ball play. There is a wall with various buttons to push- some light up lights, some make a high pitched noise, there's a light switch, a window to open and close- and the wind blows when the window is open. Shelves at kid height filled with balls and stackable toys. Cabinets to open and close. Zach had so much fun!! The entire trip was fun. We rode the carousel 3 times. We chased in the maze. We played pac man. We did lots of the animation stuff. We ate a great lunch. We watched the water clock. The best thing about membership is being to hop down to the Museum for a few hours and then back home. And we can go anytime we want. Stopped for our weekly ice cream treat on the way home. Teagan actually chose to try a different flavor- mint! And liked it and that's what she had. Mint ice cream with gummy bears on top. What a combo!! A fantastic family Sunday. Here's hoping the last few hours stay on this connected, fantastic, fun path!


Shannon said...

I heart the Indy Children's Museum. Almost enough to move there. I would even go without kids.

Eternal Lizdom said...

You should so take a road trip, come to indy, and we'll hit the museum!! Just you and me!!