Thursday, October 9, 2008

Creepy, Icky, Ew, ACK!

What did we find on our deck Saturday afternoon? We were minding our own business, enjoying a sunny afternoon of play... When Teagan spotted something between the slats of the deck... something dark and sinister... something icky and creepy... something that drove Lady Teagan the Sweet to head directly for the interior of house... What was this horrid creature between the slats of the deck that could drive such fear into our hearts as to cause us to run from the warmth of the sunshine?
Zach, of course, had no clue what Mommy and Sister were squawking about. He was very focused on his own task.

Yup. Clueless to the dark dangers lurking...


I wish I could be so focused, so clueless, so unconcerned.

And if anyone knows what kind of spider that is... feel free to share. It's at least the second one like it we've seen (only outside, thank GOD).

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Kristi said...

Eeek! Not sure I've seen one of those before. Try searching Google Images or just google for common spiders found in midwest, etc.