Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cold Cut Cookie Cutters

Salami. Cheese. Cookie Cutters. Cutting board. Small knife (grown ups only!). Blueberries on the side. Dinner. Done. Dinner. Fun!


Hit 40 said...

I used to make whole sandwiches using cookie cutters. PB&J is excellent cut into a fun shapes.

Mrs4444 said...

Gotta love the KISS principle, right?! Looks yummy :)

Boozy Tooth said...

No wonder my kids never ate anythin I made. No star shapes!

You rock, mama.

C. Beth said...

Great idea!

yodaobi said...

I'll have to think of other flat foods to try.
Ham? tortellas?
OMG I had the best idea!
we could cut out tortellas or mountain bread and then grill it so it's crispy