Monday, June 8, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday

So I've been doing some reading online about blogging moms doing this "Muffin Tin Monday." From what I gather, most are stay at home moms... or really creative moms... or moms with more mom time on their hands than this mom! Most do these muffin tin meals around a theme and I find their creativity very inspiring! However... being a mom of the "I don't have time to cook dinner" variety... but being a mom who prefers to feed her family at home than a constant diet of fast food or restaurant food... I came home from work today and decided to give the Muffin Tin thing a try. The theme? Foods my kids will eat. One half of the tray is Teagan's, the other is Zach's. They had colby jack cheese, a deviled egg (Grandma made them yesterday), cheese-it crackers, fruit (watermelon and strawberries; inhaled before I could grab the camera), hot dog and ketchup. Did they like it?
Hard to know- they were eating so fast that I couldn't get a good picture!


Boozy Tooth said...

That is such a cute idea, Liz. I never did anything remotely creative like that. You're an awesome mom!

Garret said...

I'd just give them food I felt like preparing (if they were lucky) and tell them to eat it or go hungry. I think that's what most mom's did when I grew up and I'm nor-nor-nor-normal.

Isn't parenting fun? Oh wait.

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

Woohoo! Something new and gimmicky always works doesn't it?

Valerie said...

Woohoo! I'm sure you noticed we did our first one yesterday, and it was a great hit! I think it's awesome that they will share a tray. Here Little Miss Sunshine would be running away with the tray, leaving her big sister behind with no food!

Unknown said...

Great idea.

I can make one of these and bring it up to my office while I write

C. Beth said...

That's awesome! Love it!

yodaobi said...

I'm totally doing this tomorrow and then I'll take a picture and blog it too.
Fantastic idea!
I've been a little behind in blogging. WAY too obsessed with Liam's 3rd birthday... Now its over I have time to blog agian.

Alison said...

I LOVE your theme--a classic!

My parents were the same as Garret's: eat it, or...actually, there was no "or." And I grew up and married a chef! Who still makes me eat my vegetables, but somehow, brussels sprouts with brown butter sauce and roasted walnuts are much more inviting. Hmmm, wonder why?

I showed this post to my coworker, and she said the muffin tin was definitely "good parenting." She's already impressed by you, see?