Monday, June 29, 2009

A Prayer Request

For those so inclined, I have a serious prayer request.
I am majorly involved in a local moms' website.
There is a mom who is in need of serious prayer.
Less than a month ago, she found out she had breast cancer.
She's now been hospitalized and they are finding "something" on her lungs, on her brain. Reports last night are that she has bleeding cancerous lesions on her brain and they still don't have answers on everything going on. Also, she was placed on a ventilator.
She has 4 children. She has a husband, loving family, friends.
I'm not asking anyone to pray for a cure for cancer. But if you could add Michele and her family to your prayer list or take a moment to pray now... If nothing else, a moment to reflect on your own blessings.
Thank you.


darsden said...

Oh My God Bless her and her family! Of course! What a journey she is on..GodBless!

Tom said...

She's in our prayers.

Boozy Tooth said...

Thank you for letting us know, Liz. You are such a good soul. Of course I will send up prayers for this brave woman. Cancer metasticising to the lungs and brain is usually terminal, but God is always in charge. And miracles do happen.

C. Beth said...

Definitely praying for her & for her husband & kids.

When my husband was sick, it meant SO much to me knowing about the thousands of people who were praying, because they heard about it from others (many online.)

Joanie said...

I will most certainly pray for your friend.

Kristi said...

I heard about her turn for the worse this morning and have been praying for her and thinking of her all day.

so great to see the online community coming together for her. I will keep on praying that she wins this battle!

Anonymous said...

i am praying for Michele & her family. how very sad :(

Amy said...

I don't frequent the site as often, but saw this there today. Michelle and her family are in my prayers.

American History said...

Keeping Michelle and her family in our prayers as well. I submitted a prayer to to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. God bless all of you.