Monday, June 8, 2009

The Weekend

I will eventually get pics and video loaded up from the weekend. But it's going to take some time to fully recover. We had Teagan's dance class reception (mini-recital) on Saturday morning. Punch and cookies afterwards. We then headed to the park for a picnic with a group of IndyMoms from Stayed only briefly because Grandma was coming that afternoon. Got home, put both kids down for a nap, did a bunch of fast housework- dishes, clean up kitchen, pick up living room, vaccuum, moved clean laundry to bedroom. Grandma came- and so did my brother (Daniel, the younger of the 2- he'll be 17 in August). My kids woke from naps and were so excited to have Uncle Daniel and Grandma there!! Lots of playing and gardening and fun from then on. Jeff and I headed out for our dinner downtown and the kids didn't blink an eye. They were too busy helping Grandma put together the mini-lasagnas. They assembled 3, cooked 2, froze 1, ate 1. We ate the other cooked one for dinner last night. Mmmmmm. Easy and Teagan loved that there was so much she could do to help! She grated cheese, she mixed tomatos and meat, she layered, she scooped. Sunday morning we all got up and T and I headed out the door at 8:30 to get to church early so we could practice for our duet. We were singing "Come, Now Is The Time To Worship" during communion. I had been under the impression that it was for BOTH services. Found out Sunday morning that it was only for the FIRST service. Which meant making some frantic phone calls to the people who had been planning on coming to hear Teagan sing! Aunt Christy still made it (since she only lives a mile from our house, she isn't far from church). Unfortunately, Jeff's folks did not. Teagan did such a great job. I am really so proud of her. She had a special dress picked out, she got a shower in the morning so her hair was extra soft and shiny. She looked adorable and she sang as well as you can expect from a 4 year old. Better, really, considering everyone was moving around and getting communion and smiling at her from much closer up than if they'd been just sitting and listening. We each had a microphone and when she kept hers close to her mouth, you could hear her and she sang those words. I forgot the words- same line, both times through. Oops. Lesson learned- print out lyrics and keep them in front of you. Family left after first service, I had to stay to sing with the Music Team for second service. Called on the way home- we are cooking out for lunch so could I stop and pick up buns and other burger and dog items? Finally get home. Christy comes over for lunch. We eat. I'm feeling sooooo yucky. Exhausted. Run down. I'd had a horrible sneezing, blowing, stuffy allergy attack that morning. The effort to sing with Music Team and sing with my daughter took more energy than I'd thought it would. Up late the night before- eating too much, drinking a little. I was not myself, not feeling well. Grandma offered to stay with the kids so Jeff and I could go playset shopping. We hit 2 stores. Both had models set up so you could really see and inspect the sets. We saw things we liked. We even saw a couple we'd have been ok with buying and having in our backyard. But the price was insane. We want to stay in the $1000 - $1500 range. The sets we like... Over $2000, usually closer to $2500. Ugh. And that's not an installed price. So a decision has been made. Jeff is designing our playset. We will then price out the lumber and accessories and see if we can't do it ourselves for less expense. I have no clue how long the process will take... but I have full confidence in his ability, desire, passion... so I know he will come up with something perfect for us! Family left around 5 yesterday. Heated that lasagna, bathtime, bedtime. Watched the Tony Awards- most of them, anyway. Headed to bed a little before 10. Feeling much better this morning but still a little... off. Maybe more coffee would help. *shrug*


Garret said...

Sounds like a busy weekend. I wish you guys luck with building the playset. I'm predicting a lot of swear words outta Jeff's mouth. Shit, I'm glad I'm not him! Ugh.


Joanie said...

Wow! I'm tired just reading that!

My ex built our kids their playset years ago. He found a pattern in a book or something. That thing lasted for about 15 years when we took it down when Dani was about 13.
Much better than the kits and considerably less too.

Ah... Teagan singing... apple's not falling far from the tree, I see.

Hit 40 said...

Unless your neighborhood has a zoning rule - get a cheap metal swing set.

Or - buy a used wood set on craigs list or a garage sale!!!

Alison said...

I am soooo impressed at how much you're letting Teagan get involved in cooking. She'll have no excuses for eating out every night, like so many Americans who can't even feed themselves. {/soapbox}

Good luck to Jeff with that playset, though I suspect he is a man of much greater patience and exactitude than my own father. Miss Chef and I have shared many stories about our respective Dads' cursing habits: mine over a 50-year old tractor, hers over building a house and restoring cars.

So, y'know, I'm sure it'll be a memorable experience for Teagan. :D