Friday, June 12, 2009

RIP, My Friend

your light shone bright this morning
but now you've faded into snow
the screen is dark
the hours we had together
can never be taken away
cherished time
nothing can replace you
digital signals be damned
but my zen...
the pain will fade, the sorrow wane
productivity improves
until next week
"dead like me"
soon to fill my mind
RIP my faithful friend
you served me well


Unknown said...

Where do I send flowers?

Cajoh said...

Very well put. I like the poem. Too bad you can't watch TV on your boom-box any more.

Joanie said...

why can't you get a converter and put it on your little tv?

Alison said...

Our struggle continues...we will fight on to save the life of our tv friend!!

After all, that's my only link to The Office.

Anonymous said...

I thought of you today, I really did, when I realized that DTV went into effect. Awwww! :(

ShankRabbit said...



Mary Ellen said...

I was feeling bad for you...but then I remembered that you had that little magic handheld box (than I covet more than anything!) and now I feel better.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I am sooo glad I weaned early to my Zen. And so glad I have a techie husband who can load it up with awesome stuff for me!!

Hit 40 said...

Such a bummer! I hate replacing things that worked.

Eternal Lizdom said...

The good news is that my boom box already has a new home. My Zen plays my music and I can listen to the radio on it and I can watch movies or whatever on it. So I just don't have a need any longer. My work friend, Latifa, had a little weather radio that had a TV tuner- and she mostly listened to that TV tuner. So she is also suffering. And the little radio she had didn't get good reception on any radio stations- my radio does. So it has found a new home on a new desk.

Tom said...

Progress. Puh. Next they'll be forcing us to buy converters to look at the Grand Canyon or the night sky.