Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How Does My Garden Grow?

A little update on our raised veggie garden in our backyard... The soil is topsoil and manure. The pictures don't show it but it is now also protected with mulch. These pictures are actually a week or so old and the garden has changed a bit. I will try to get more pics for next week! I'll start by exhibiting my vast lack of knowledge when it comes to things that grow from soil. My mom was nice enough to mark the plants in the garden with popsicle sticks. All I can make out on this one is that it is "green." Green beans? Green peppers? Green eggs and ham? I haven't a clue...
Cherry tomatoes
Cucumber Squash
Something I've learned from my mom is that our garden isn't getting enough water. Apparently, the topsoil/manure mix dries out easily since there isn't any clay in the soil to retain the water. So I have to water more often... which I guess really means that I have to start watering the garden. I watered last night. And then it rained overnight. Of course.
Stay tuned... coming soon to a blog near you... Veggies! (I hope!)


Alison said...

Green bean!

Just you keep an eye on those squash; they're gonna grow like crazy.

If your soil dries out that fast, you might have to water every other day. Unfortunately, it's not something you can skip or forget about. Bleah. Now you know why I'm so excited about all the rain we've been getting down here this year!!

Good job, green gardener! Is Teagan at all excited about her plants growing?

Eternal Lizdom said...

I had planned on watering again today but woke up to big old rain showers and it's supposed to rain all day here. So I figure I have until Saturday before I'll need to water again... it's hard to remember!! I should put a big note up on my back door!

Anonymous said...

We have a garden too, and I am really bad about watering too. It's really hard to remember too! Your tomato plants looks really strong though! Ours don't look that bad, either. We have squash, cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, peppers and a few strawberry plants in the way back :)