Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20, 2009

Today, there is cheering. Today, there are tears of joy and triumph. Today, the people's voices are rising up and joining together. It must feel so amazing to be Barack Obama today. To be in the limo, hearing the cheers, the screams, the joy, the excitement. What a contrast from 4 years ago. Reports of the Inaugural Parade being met with protests and booing and hissing and back turning. I wonder how it feels to be in that limo with Obama, knowing and feeling the difference in reception from 4 years ago to now. To remember the expressions of dissatisfaction and even hate and to be witness to the excitement and acceptance and joy for this new President. *** Charlie Gibson's word of the day is "minutiae." The man can't stop saying it. Granted, the details he is sharing are mostly interesting. But find a synonym, man! Maybe detail or trivia? Mix it up a bit, please! *** I did find a bit of the minutiae interesting. Ronald Reagan started a tradition when he left the White House. He left a letter on the desk for George Bush, Sr. And it's been done by each President since. I would love to know what those "passing of the torch" letters say? Does it give details about how to flush the Oval Office toilet when the handle sticks? How to get that window in the kitchen to open on a humid day? What restaurants are the best in town? A map of the secret tunnels? Which Secret Service Agents have a good sense of humor?

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Boozy Tooth said...

I didn't agree with every morsel of the Bush Administration; I didn't like every decision; and like most Americans, I got weary of the war and was sickened by the death toll of our precious service men and women. But I believe in the Republican way and I have always believed George Bush to be a good decent man and a capable leader. It sure is easy to point fingers when things don't go well.

Enjoy your euphoria, Liz. I hope you're right and Barak Obama goes down in history as the greatest President of our time. If he does, we all win.