Friday, January 30, 2009

An Introduction

My marriage isn't in trouble. My husband and I don't really fight. We've been married just 5 years... we are still growing into this marriage and parenthood thing.

Sure, we snip at each other or get aggravated with one another.

My issue is that we tend to be this way in front of our kids.

I don't want to just make it look like we have a strong marriage, a strong foundation for our family. I want to really have that strong foundation, I want to be active in strengthening it as the years roll by. I want our marriage to be an example to my children of what they can have if they work hard and love openly.

So I'm going to be proactive and give this Love Dare a try. Journey with me... do the Love Dare and share your experiences!


Mim said...

I'm intrigued and I reckon I might join in :)

Tomorrow is our 17th wedding anniversary, we've been together as a couple for just over 20 years. Things are pretty darn good but there's always room for improvement.

Anonymous said...

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Susanne said...

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