Saturday, January 24, 2009

Butterfly Love!

Mim over at Mim's Muddle has graced me with an award!!
This one is special to me because of the butterfly, I have to admit. Butterflies are my symbol for Teagan- her room is done in butterflies and I have some pieces of butterfly jewelry that I wear for her.

And it is my honor to pass the award along to some of my favorite bloggers... the award doesn't seem to have any sort of criteria so it's more of a challenge to pass it along! These are some of the blogs I read as often as they post and I look forward to hearing what they will be sharing next!

C. Beth Blog

The Fourth Frog Blog

my thoughts exactly

Adopting M.E.

The Wise Young Mommy

Steele the day

Singing With My Heart

Dwell & Cultivate

Take the award, share it proudly, pass it on to whomever you'd like!!


Unknown said...

Thanks, Liz for the award! I want to thank my mom and my dad for all their encouragement, my great aunt Martha who taught me to sneeze, my step-neighbor-in-law Frank who shares his bubble gum and all my millions of fans...

mimbles said...

One of the things I love about these award thingies is checking out all the other blogs that people give them too, it's a great way to find new bloggy friends!

Candy said...

Thanks for the honor! You're the best!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your award! I'll have to go check some of your awardees.

morninglight mama said...

Thanks so much, man!!