Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blogging the Oscars! The Opening!

The set looks fantastic!! Love the crystal curtain effect! Hugh Jackman, host. He's cute. Love the grin, love the accent. Oh I am LOVING the opening number!!! Love his audience interaction... loved the dance number... Benjamin Button- HILARIOUS! Seriously. Now I love Anne Hathaway EVEN MORE. And his bit on The Reader... HAHAHAHAHA! Classic! He was even cracking up at himself!! HE IS WOLVERINE! I like the new staging, having all the nominees right around the front of the stage. Love live TV. "Steve, open it!" At least it wasn't Christian Bale getting mad about the curtain! Interesting- 5 previous winners doing the award for Best Supporting. Will this be a theme for the night? It's very personal. Whoopi's dress- eesh. Love ya Whoopi but that wasn't a good choice! So they are doing this personal, descriptive, complimentary thing instead of showing movie clips? Actress in a Supporting role- Penelope Cruz! I always like when the speech starts with emotion. And I like recognition of parents and close friends, too. And I'm loving hearing her personal story... "art in any form is our universal language." I agree!!

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