Monday, February 16, 2009

Nothing Like a Day at Home to Make Me Love My Job

It looks like it was a great day, based on the pics.
We even got to play outside!
We enjoyed snacks and brother and sister played so well together.
And those kisses!
And those super cute baby feet and smooshy baby toes...
But there were also moments of this...
And this (I see a glimpse of Teagan the Teenager in this one) And Zach's moments were such that I couldn't even capture them with the camera. But the highlight was when he went from happy and dancing and bopping to music on my cell phone to blasting it at my head at close point range and almost taking out my eye.
And the best of the Teagan moments were when the camera was out of arm's reach.
I prefer to preserve the memories as happy moments, anyway.
Sometimes... being a mom who is away from her children can be a good thing.
Sometimes... finding the corkscrew so you can open the bottle of Charles Shaw Chardonnay is a good thing. And I'm proud to say that I successfully made myself wait to open it until after bedtime.


Anonymous said...

Cute pics and you have great willpower to not clobber them with the wine bottle and then pour yourself a glass. *wink*

Anonymous said...

Hope the above comment didn't sound too harsh. I love kids, honest. :)

Eternal Lizdom said...

I love kids too, mine especially. But the clobbering desire was certainly there a time or 2 yesterday!

The funny thing is... after a very busy day at work, I go back and look at these pics... and I miss the little boogers!!

yodaobi said...

OMG that's sooo true.
Kids drive even the best moms to distraction and booze!

I'm a working mum and can't get enough of my wee booger. That is until he's tired and acting like a real spaz. He doesn't get grumpy. Instead he totally blocks me out and gets noiser and sillier. It's so frustrating.

Joanie said...

There are times when it's a good thing kids are cute.... it might be the only thing that saves them! LOL and thank god for wine!
By the way, there's a little something on my blog for you. :)

Pearl said...

I agree with Joanie! There's a good reason they are so adorable and look like younger versions of ourselves!

Eternal Lizdom said...

The cute factor is a definite lifesaver!!

Pearl- love your pic!!

Anonymous said...

I just had a day just like that and suddenly I feel less alone reading your post. My wine is waiting for bedtime. Theirs. It is coming too slowly.

Glad you made it through yours!!!!