Saturday, February 7, 2009

The End and The Beginning

I think we are well on our way to being weaned. Zach hasn't nursed the past 2 nights. He wakes and only wants to be held for a few moments and then wants back to his blankie and pillow. He doesn't ask to nurse at all. I'm a little sad. A little. But honestly? I'm pretty happy about it, too. Because this means a little freedom for me. This means that I might start to actually drop some of this excess weight. This means that I could actually spend a night away. This means that the kids can spend the night at Grandma's. This means... so many open doors. Am I sad? A little. Because my baby is growing up and doesn't need me in this specific way. But it's really a very small point. I know that he has done this on his own schedule. I don't feel like I nudged him so much as just required him to be more specific about what he wants. Instead of shoving a boob in his mouth anytime he woke up, we tried to find a way to comfort differently first. I've always known that he wouldn't nurse as long as Teagan. At first it was very hard for me to think about. But I really feel at peace about the whole thing. My boy... growing up!


Anonymous said...

I love how you look at your nursing relationship as the End and Beginning. That's so true! The end to a very special bond you had with your son, but the beginning of new joys to experience now that he is getting older. I don't get so sad that they are quitting nursing, but its means they are growing up!

Great job for giving him such a wonderful start in his life! :)

Anonymous said...

That's great that he's found other ways to comfort himself.

The bummer part is now your boobs will slowly sag to your knees. :)) *wink*

Alison said...

"...shoving a boob in his mouth anytime he woke up." I'm thinking Frat Boy heaven. :)

I'm impressed at how ready you are for him to grow up. I think I would have a harder time letting that go. But then, having never nursed, I can't appreciate the release from that duty. I guess, congratulations on getting your boobs back to yourself!

Garret said...

@Lisa, LOL, LOL, ROFLMAO. Sigh.


Joanie said...

The end and the beginning... so true.
After Dani was born (like 10 minutes after... I was a c-section) I had my tubes tied. I was sad that I couldn't have any more babies. That lasted all of ONE DAY! Then I embraced the freedom of no worries about pregnancy!! It's been a real blessing ever since.