Friday, February 27, 2009

Quality Survey

I just don't know what to say in my profile. I haven't had time to do my "How am I feeling today?" thing. So help me out... many of you have been reading my blog for a while and know me and my blog pretty well. What should my profile say about me? Should I get back to my daily "feeling today" picture change? *** I hear loads of folks are having major issues with the whole "followers" changes that Blogger has made. I haven't had any issues that I know of. I think all my followers are still there (I take the number way too seriously... just like I get all of my emotional satisfaction from comments). So if you are a regular reader and haven't become a "follower" yet, feel free to join in! *** And I'm also interested to know what you want to see more of and less of. I know it is my blog and I can say whatever I want... and I will continue to do so. But if you really love good news stories, I'll try to find more. If you really like pics and stories of my kids, I'll try to do more. If you like it when I just spout off about some random subject, I can totally do that more. Or if there is something you want to know or see that you haven't yet, share that, too! Thanks!!


Boozy Tooth said...

I know Liz. Followers and comments are like total crack to me. But the simple truth is it just validates us. We feel good that other people like us that don't necessarily have to. But there IS an unspoken ettiquette that I am slowly discovering as a blogger. It's just polite to follow people's blogs - especially if they sign up to follow yours (mine). So statistically, I probably have one or two followers who really like visiting Casa Hice. It really doesn't matter in real world terms who follows and who doesn't, but it just makes me happpy to have people out there who have come into my circle of friends. I know I don't have true worldly or relevant stuff to blog about, but I am thrilled with the folks I've met. I really love them. As I do you. As I do your Lizdom, your highness.

Cajoh said...

I don't have any problems with my followers. The only odd thing is that the whole fiasco happened just as I was finishing up a tribute to all of my followers. Right now it's hard to determine who is the most recent.

Perhaps you can give us a poll of possible topics and we can vote. Then you know what people are looking for. I did something similar at the beginning of the year since I didn't have too many posts lined up and needed a push.

Joanie said...

There are 3 people that I know of who are missing from my followers list, unless they stopped following and I missed it. I admit, I like seeing that someone new has joined my blog!

I like the way you post in your blog. I read it every day. I may not always comment but I try to as often as possible.

You just keep on doing what you're doing!

Alison said...

I too struggle to write my own profile description. When I think of you, I think first of your pride in & love of mommyhood. Then I think of your reflectiveness, along the lines of "I just noticed this, and this is how I feel about it. How do you guys feel?" And your opinionatedness, tempered with a little self-doubt. Love to hear your opinions.

As a non-mom, I enjoy your reflective/reaction posts most, but I do enjoy the snapshots--literal and figurative--into your family life.

And where you tell Jeff how great the sex is. That's downright heartwarming. :D

And yes, comments are like crack. Totally. Thanks for yours!

Jason, as himself said...

I just think the new followers format looks kind of ugly. I liked the way it looked way better. As far as I know, I didn't lose any with the switch.

I like to read people's opinions about daily life, personal problems/issues, and current events.

My favorite part of your blog is the title!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Thanks everyone!!

Alix: love you too, sistah!!

Ca-joh: I will think about the poll idea. I like it!

Joanie: I read your blog just about everyday, too!!!

Flartus: Oh wow!! You've totally and completely stroked my ego. I LOVE how you described my blog and me... I'm so glad I've gotten to know you!

Jason: I had a friend who encouraged me for a long time to blog. When I finally decided to dive in, I knew I needed a clever name, something memorable and that suited me. Eternal Lizdom just clicked! I agree- I liked the old look of the Followers section much better. I do like that you can click on a pic and a little mini type profile comes up right on that blog rather than taking you to their profile page immediately.

Joanie said...

I forgot to mention before... I liked when you changed your picture to match your mood! It's fun!
I just discovered that you follow my daughter's blog now too (My Inner Monoblog)

mimbles said...

There's a whole bunch of things I want to say in response here but I have massive caffeine deprivation headache and can't think straight!

I'll read anything you post, you have a distinctive "voice", a gift for storytelling and an inspiring philosophy of life.

I think your changing profile pic is fun, no-one else I read does that.

On the followers question - a significant proportion of the people who read my blog are not blogger users so I was a bit ambivalent about putting the widget on my blog at first and I don't attribute much significance to the numbers on it. Comments are where it's at :) (And my Sitemeter and Google Analytics stats, they make for fascinating reading sometimes)

Oh, look, my brain is working after all!

Amy said...

I was oblivious about the followers debacle, but maybe that's why my numbers are a few off? Either that or a couple of people decided I'm not that fun to follow after all.

Your blog, like mine, just goes along your life. I like that. Some blogs I visit b/c of their theme. But mostly, I go to the ones that make me smile.