Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blogging the Oscars - Back to Barbara

She's covering Mickey Rourke's career. He used to be so cute. And you see him now... he looks old. He looks... rode hard and put to bed wet. In his fifties and looking really much older than that. And dresses so weird now, too. What is that?? And I get the importance of pets. My dogs were by my side for my miscarriage and provided much comfort. What a crazy jump from the connection with his dogs, how they were with him as his career ended, his marriage ended, his money ran out... focusing on the dogs... and he now admits he was suicidal. Now telling a story about sleeping in a closet... and his dog made a noise... and he knew his dog was going to take care of him. ooooo.... k.... I think I need a break from this one.

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