Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blogging the Oscars- the thoughts I can form as long a I stay awake

Tina Fey and Steve Martin- what a combo! And Tina Fey looks beautiful! I like how they are doing the introductions of the nominees for Best Original Screenplay. They show the clip and Tina or Steve read the descriptions as we see the film clip. Then a couple of lines of spoken line. But the focus is on the importance of the non-spoken parts of the screenplay. Cool impact. "Milk" won!!! Am loving the writer's speech. And his White Knot. And loving his story. Dustin Lance Black. Best Adapted Screenplay... "Slumdog Millionaire"!!! Simon Beaufoy. And he thanked his parents. :) Jennifer Aniston (her dress looks great but her hair- meh) and Jack Black presenting... Best Animated Feature... winner is... "WALL-E" I haven't seen this one but Jeff and I both want to!! Hilarious side moment... Meryl Streep and her daughter are directly in front of the stage and, therefore, get a LOT of camera time. They just did this exact duplicate mannerism, head tilt thing. Very cute! Animated Short Film... "La Maison en Petits Cubes" I always think the animated shorts look like something I'd like to see... but I never do!! Hard to track them down. Alright. Hate to admit it. But I'm bored with blogging the Oscars. Time for the Oscars to become background noise to my laundry folding! I'll pop back if anything big happens... but I won't even be up much longer to see the entire show... such is the life of a mom!

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Anonymous said...

I used to see the animated shorts at Key Cinemas...but, since they've closed??? I may never get to see them again!?