Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Husband Says I'm a Lush

Jeff doesn't drink. At all. No interest.
I used to drink heavily. Back in college. Oh the stories I could tell...
In fact, I got so heavy into drinking that the amount of alcohol it took to enjoy any impact started to scare me. So I stopped drinking. Completely.For several years, I just didn't drink.
Then I'd drink from time to time. Like, a drink or two at a party every few months or so. Totally responsible.
Then I got pregnant. Had a miscarriage. Got pregnant. And followed every rule. And then breastfed. And got pregnant again. And kept following every rule.
Once Zach had cut way back on nursing, I started to have a glass of wine from time to time. Out with Christy and other friends.
And now Zach has weaned.
OK, not really. But I am back to enjoying a glass of wine- even at home- from time to time. Get the kids to bed, watch some TV, get online, and maybe have a glass of wine.
So I wanted to share some of my more recent favorites!
Tonight's selection is a Target wine cube. I know, I know. Box wine?? But this stuff is good. And it comes in this cute little cube. I'm a little sad because my previous selection of this wine was a Sangria and it was awesome. But Target stopped selling it. Boo.
This is a "White Table Wine." And it's nice. My glass is about half gone and it's pretty smooth, a little fruity, a little sweet but still dry enough that it isn't a dessert wine.
Generally I'm a red gal. Several months ago, I tried a Malbec for the first time. It was richer and deeper than any red I'd had before. Kind of... spicier.
For Christmas, Christy got me a bottle of Malbec from Trader Joe's. Layer Cake.
There is also a very good Malbec that can be purchased at Sam's Club for $5.99 a bottle- very reasonable for a relatively complex wine.
And twice in the last 6 months, I've had the pleasure of enjoying my first martinis. One other time I prefer not to include because the drink wasn't good.
Lemon Drop Martini
'Nuff said.
And now my white table wine from the cute little cube in my fridge is about gone. So I'm going to enjoy the release of the tension from my shoulders, laugh at the dumb movie we're watching, and go to bed. This is living!


Candy said...

I really wish I liked wine - there was this one kind I kind of liked once, but I have no clue what it was....

Like you, I have some college memories - mine were Ripple and Boone's Farm, which is probably why I no longer like wine. Or toga parties. Ugh.

So just pour me a pomegranate martini and I'll be your friend forever! And then I'll be asleep because I'm such a lightweight.

Eternal Lizdom said...

A pomegranate martini! I will add it to my list of want to tries!

And Boone's Farm (Strawberry Hill) was the start of my college drinking career. Ha! And one of my worst stories comes thanks to Maddog 20/20. I wasn't the one drinking it, though. Ew!

Mary Ellen said...

I don't drink wine - issues with migraines - but I've heard it's good for you, so have fun!

I like only drinks that taste like juice or lemonade - and the hands down favorite for parties? Mike's Hard Lemonade in all its varieties.

mimbles said...

Adam and I have this problem with wine, we like it and we like good wines so we go to wineries and we stock up on the good stuff...and then we don't drink it!

We have quite a collection of wines that all need to be drunk RIGHT NOW. But because we almost never open wine unless we have company it's just sitting there slowly getting past its peak.

It's a terrible tragedy.

We have come up with a solution though - have more parties!

Alison said...

I'm supposed to be having a glass of red wine every night to improve my good cholesterol count. Problem is, can't seem to finish a bottle before it goes bad. And I do prefer whites, so the reds have to be of a certain quality for me to slosh them down.

Liz, I am disappointed, because I came to award you the Premio Dardo, and I see that once again, I've been beaten to the punch! Oh well, you can have it anyway... :)

The Courteous Chihuahua said...

Last fall I discovered Gewurztraminer, a delightful white wine. Similar to Reisling, but better. I've found the Fetzer winery offering at Marsh, Kroger and Walmart (no, I don't have a drinking problem - why do you ask?) for under $9.

Joanie said...

I was a pretty good drinker in my early 20s. Then, after I got married and then got pregnant, I became "designated driver for life" (or life of the marriage as it turned out).

Then Asshat left and I handled it with booze. I'd down a bottle of wine (Yellowtail merlot) a night (a magnum, not the smaller bottle) or a half a bottle of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum snuck into my cans of diet coke)

After several months of this, I came to my senses and stopped drinking altogether for quite a while.

Now I can have a glass or two from time to time or get A drink if we go out for dinner.

Hmmm.... I just might mosey on over to the liquor store and get a nice Australian merlot. (we are state-contolled in PA... no booze bought in Walmart for us)

Alison said...

Ya wanna know my secret to finding a good French wine? "Mise en bouteille à la propriété". Means the wine was bottled where it was raised, instead of being bought as juice and blended by a négociant.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Good tip, Flartus!!

We have some local wineries here in Indiana that make ok wine. I'd love to someday go somewhere that makes really good wine. But one of my fave local wines is made south of here in Brown Co Indiana at Brown County Winery. It's a dessert wine- blackberry wine. I really love it.