Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day. He Wins!

We don't do Valentine's Day. I went way overboard on our first Valentine's Day... and then we talked about it and neither one of us is really all that into the whole holiday.
Teagan has been getting excited about it, though. She wakes up every day, asking if today is Valentine's Day.
Our plan for the holiday is to spend time together as a family- maybe a trip to the Children's Museum and then dinner at Texas Roadhouse.
But that's it. Maybe a card, maybe balloons for the kids. But that's it.
But today, Mr. Jeff broke all of his own Valentine's rules.
You know I'm doing that Love Dare. One of the important lessons is that love isn't about you. It's about what you demonstrate to the person you love.
Jeff has long sworn that he doesn't give flowers. He doesn't want to spend the money on something that will just die and go in the trash. I understand that. But I also love to get flowers. Especially at work. I get kinda jealous when someone gets flowers and the excitement over it... the public display, the public pronouncement that I am loved.
But the point is, when you love someone and want to show them a gesture that shows that you love them, that you cherish them, that you honor them... you do something that is meaningful to them.
And he did.


yodaobi said...

I'm exactly the same. I hate the idea of spending a stupid amount of moneys on flowers just for them to die. BUT the "aaaw sweet" thought really is what matters...

I'll be blogging about our valentines day after tomorrow... He reads it and I have a nice night planned.

mimbles said...

Oh, they're lovely!

We don't do Valentines Day because our wedding anniversary is just 2 weeks before and we've always just kind of not bothered.

This year we have a whole bunch of friends coming for a BBQ and the forecast is for rain. Bummer.

get in here said...

Same story here. It is SO hard to avoid. Awkward questions about what you did, colleagues asking if you 'did anything nice'... Happy Days :)

Joanie said...

Our Valentine's Day this year will be very low key. John missed 3 weeks of work due to his surgery, so he probably won't get a paycheck until 3 weeks from now. Neither one of us has money to indulge in gifts, flowers or restaurants, etc. I suggested we stay in, order a pizza and watch a movie or two. Wonder if I can talk him into a chick flick??? hmmm.....
If you plan on going to any restaurant, be prepared to wait a long time!!! Places like Texas Roadhouse may not accept reservations or call ahead seating on V Day.

Boozy Tooth said...

Hooray for you and tons of applause for Jeff.

Larry always remembers me on Valentine's Day. A couple years ago I was at work and we were having a sales meeting in our lobby (it was the most spacious room in the office). Smack in the middle of the meeting, Larry comes in the door with a flower arrangement for me and interrupts the meeting. Everyone stopped and stared - but he with his usual confidence - walked right up to me, kissed me, and left the flowers. Up until then, Larry was known as Saint Larry (for having to put up with me, I presume), but right then in that moment, my boss ran to him, got down on one knee, kissed his ring and proclaimed him Pope Larry. I'm not sure, but until you're God, you don't get any higher up on earth.

So here's to another Pope in the making. Enjoy your flowers. You deserve them! And by the way... I love you too Liz.

Chris said...

Way to go Jeff. You're ruining it for the rest of us. Just kidding.

Garret said...

Yay to Jeff. He's stimulating the economy. That flower shop owner most likely needed that sale to put food on the table. Times are rough right now. Have I guilted anyone?


Alison said...

How about YOU win!?? I know just how you feel about the jealousy of seeing others get feels kind of high school, but's nice to feel special!

We're generally pretty low-key about Valentine's, since Miss Chef always has to work, and we prefer to be discreet in public. But she'll be getting a card and her favorite candy, and I know that will be enough. It's gotten to be too big of a holiday, anyway, and now it's just another chance for the guys to mess up! Poor things.

Mary Ellen said...

That's so sweet! You totally deserve it, and he gets major points for knowing what would make you feel as special as he knows you are. Happy Valentines Day to you both.