Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blogging the Oscars- My last red carpet post

Robert Downey Jr. Love that he's gotten himself together. And now we are on ABC. 30 minutes of red carpet coverage and then we get to the real deal! Robin Roberts and Tim Gunn are hosting. Good choices. Starting with Kate Winslet. I just love her. Her hair, her earrings, her gown. She really looks stunning. Josh Brolin and Diane Lane. He's wearing a WHITE KNOT!!! Go Josh Brolin! She looks fantastic. Classy. Wearing black, strapless, fitted and then it fans out. Sarah Jessica Parker. What a gown! It's huge! Boobs still squishy. Don't like the belt. And she didn't get the jewelry memo... Taraji Henson... gorgeous. Cute. Love her hair. Don't get the little red clutch, though. Love her energy! Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon)... looks great. His daughter is with him... if someone was taking me to the Oscars, I'd make sure I didn't look dumpy. What is Miley Cyrus wearing?? Holy cow! It looks heavy and uncomfortable! And old. Tim Gunn is talking about Valentino. And here's the man himself! He really does do some amazing designs. The Slumdog cast... they are having SO MUCH fun!! Mickey Rourke is wearing a necklace with a charm of his pooch (loki- she's passed away last week). I'm not sure how I feel about everyone taking him so seriously with the dog thing. Zac Efron- bad hair. But Zac and Vanessa- nice couple, nice Disney kids. Interviewing Miley. That dress just isn't right for her. She forgets that she's YOUNG. Anne Hathaway! Being interviewed by Tim Gunn. I'd really love to meet her. I'm a fan. Ha! The Waterhouse accountants with the winning envelopes. Cracks me up that they are making a big deal out of it! Meryl Streep. Looking better than she did in Mamma Mia! Her daughter is very pretty. And I like the coordination of their gowns. Penelope Cruz. Now I can really see the details of the dress. It's 60 years old. Gorgeous. Vintage. Cool. Jack Black. He's a weirdo. But often funny so it is ok. I like his suit. Blue shirt, tie, tux style jacket. I like that it is something different. Marisa Tomei. Wearing Versace. It's an impressive gown. Memorable. I wouldn't wear it but there aren't any red carpets in my future... She looks great in it! Talking about some of the behind the scenes work. Time for the big show!!

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