Monday, February 16, 2009

Question for Neti Pot Users

I pulled out my Neti Pot this morning and got NO FLOW in either nostril. Stuck it in one nostril, tilted. Nothing. Other nostril, tilted. Nothing.
Tried this for 15 minutes. Alternating back and forth, back and forth.
Never got anything to flow out of either side. I can get air moving through on the left side, not on the right.
Any advice? I plan to try again when Zach goes down for his morning nap (I'm home from work today, spending the day with my kids, and woke up all congested- nice).


Anonymous said...

This happens to me when I am really congested. I blow my nose really well right before I use the Neti and then I just keep following the routine of the blowing, Neti, blowing, Neti, etc. until it finally breaks the blockage. It may take awhile but then it finally works and ahhh relief. Good Luck!!!

morninglight mama said...

No advice, but just wanted to say that I want to convert to being a Neti Pot user, I just have to find one to buy. (Or stop being lazy and order one online!)
Good luck!

Unknown said...

Take a hot shower and clear each nostril as much as you can then. Use your neti pot later to get the rest.

It usually makes me sneeze to do that in the shower. When I do sneeze, I keep my mouth close and make the air come out of my nose. That gets the mucus a little farther out!

Unknown said...

"closed", not "close".

Eternal Lizdom said...

Zach just went down for a nap and T is watching a movie so I'm heading in to try again.

Morninglight, I went the easy route and bought the one of the pic posted at my local drugstore.

Sarh, if I can't get right side loose, I'll definitely do the shower thing tonight. And I have those menthol meltaway things and those always help, too.

Joanie said...

I have never heard of a neti pot. Today is the day reading things I've never seen before.

Matthew M said...

The Neti Pot only works an hour for me. Then my allergies kick it into overdrive, just with a fresh start. I don't think Neti Pots are that useful for allergies, but for sinus issues, holy smokes is it great.

Keep in mind, there is just one sinus cavity starting just above your mouth and extending to the top of your nose bridge that a Neti pot can clean out. If your yuck is stuck in the top end of the sinus cavity, your neti pot will not work without a decongestant.

Also, you have sinus cavities near your ears that are not connected, and those are the same ones affected in an ear infection. Congestion in those gives similar symptoms, and don't clear out with a blow of the nose. I recommend seeing a doctor before becoming a Neti Pot user, or you may be wasting your time.