Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blogging the Oscars - E's Red Carpet

They just highlighted Anne Hathaway's gown. Amazing. "Jewel encrusted." Aaaaahhhhh! Ron Howard. Brilliant. I admire that he's stayed bald and hasn't tried to be younger than he is. And he's obviously passionate about what he does. Evan Rachel Wood. Must be drowning in perfume for Ryan to immediately comment on it. Her dress is the same color as her very pale skin. Don't like it. And she has really dark nail polish. Eh. Showing Jessica Biel now. I think it's a miss. Messy hair, bad lip color. Unattractive dress with this weird bow thing over one boob that looks heavy. Wow. Red carpet is CRAMMED. Brad and Angelina just showed up. She's in black. Green earrings. They both look fantastic. She looks so stylish and classy. (Commercial break, I've flipped over to Barbara.) Yup. He's still a weirdo. Back to E! Penelope Cruz is with Ryan. Pretty lady. I can't see the entire gown but I don't love the color from close up. Philip Seymour Hoffman is wearing a black knit ski cap. Ugh. Daniel Craig. Now that's how you are supposed to look! Dapper, classy, stylish, clean cut. Now I can see Penelope's dress. It's intricate and full, almost ballgown style. Very gorgeous. Very classic. I do wish that Angelina would SMILE from time to time! Beyonce. OH NO. Don't like this AT ALL. Black and gold and mermaidy... Hair in a ponytail. Hm. Kate Winslet. Holy crap. She looks AMAZING. Really love her hair.

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Joanie said...

Wish I had a laptop tonight. As it is, I'll be jumping up from time to time to look. at least I can hear the TV from where I am.