Monday, February 2, 2009

I Need Ideas

Teagan turns... *gulp*... FOUR in March. We had a party at our house when she turned 1. An "open house" with a cake and party food and a long invite list. We had a quieter celebration when she turned 2. Grandma came and we spent the day painting a giant cardboard box to create a play house. Grandma and Uncle Daniel came to visit when she turned 3. We ate at her favorite restaurants, Daddy baked her a special cake... We celebrated her last day of being 2 as well as her first day of being 3. What to do for turning FOUR? She doesn't really have a social group yet. We have some friends at church. The kids at daycare are all younger than she is. I'm thinking that we'll stick with the family focused celebrations this year. And next year, when she turns 5, will be her first friend party. Because she'll have friends from preschool, she'll be more involved at church... Care to share memories of your kids' 4th birthday parties? Any great ideas? She's really into the Imagination Movers. And Tinkerbell. Maybe a fairy party? I dunno. SIDEBAR: Totally off topic. Zach had his well baby 15 month check up last week. He's healthy as a horse, of course. He thought it was great fun that he was hanging out in nothing but a diaper so he was really cracking us up and showing off. He weighs 27 pounds and is 33 inches long. Hitting all his milestones and such. We go back at the end of April for his 18 month well baby check. Links are to the message board I had started back when I was first pregnant in 2004. If you really are bored and have way too much time on your hands and are so infatuated with me that you want to know a zillion bits of info about me and my family, feel free to explore. I gave up the message board for this blog... Lynn Freeman, a regular commenter here, was on that message board (we met through an online Atkins community a long time ago).


Joanie said...

My kids had birthdays in March, July and December. Gina was my summer baby, so we invited the neighborhood kids to our pool and we had a pool party. With Tim and Dani (March and December, respectively)) it was your basic kiddie birthday party with ice cream and cake and a few games.

Boozy Tooth said...

I hosted a "Pony Party" at a local horse stable for my daughter Adrian 4th birthday and it was great. The kids loved playing in the open air and the pony rides were a hit with everyone. Depending on the weather there, that could be an option for you - especially if you have any indoor riding arenas.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to use this idea but I read about it when I was planning McKenna's 1st birthday and loved it. I plan to use this when Molly has her first "friend" party... probably at age 4 or 5. CUPCAKES! Cupcake invitations, cupcake decorations, everything cupcakes!
Then, for the party each child gets a plain undecorated cupcake and it becomes the party's art project/activity and individual birthday cake. Different kinds of frosting, sprinkles, little candies,gummies, whatever you want. The kids will love decorating their own cupcake! Just a thought at this point but I do plan to use it either this year or next.

Mommy with a Penis said...

I vote for "keep it simple." Us moms have got to keep sane. Few kids. Simple theme, if any. They want to run around, eat pizza and cake. The more fancy the party, the more restrictions, the less fun it is.

That said, Sebastian had a Knights and Dragons 4th. And then a Bug 5th. It was kinda cool, we bought thousands of ladybugs and let them loose. That was inexpensive and took up all kinds of time. My daughter would love the fairy theme.

I also wanted you to know I've changed blog addresses. You can now find me at:

Thanks for your visits.

Mrs4444 said...

I can just picture that little stinker holding reign at the doctor's office. I remember those days... :)

Parties for four year olds can be easy and cheap. Enjoy this one!