Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blogging the Oscars - Red Carpet

Back to Ryan and E! Talking to Amy Adams. Gorgeous dress and jewelry. Really love all this jewelry!! She's got this great deep scarlet gown. Beautiful. I get annoyed with the "not quite shaven" look. It's the freakin' Oscars. Clean yourself up. Make an effort. Boring tux mixed with messy hair and unshaven-on-purpose face. Not my favorite look. (Robert Pattinson) Sarah Jessica Parker- boobs are squishing out the top of the dress. Not my fave look but it isn't horrible. Not as tacky as I've seen on others. Can't see the whole gown, though. Seth Rogan has slimmed down- he says for a role. I bet he'd be fun to hang out with for a night. Anne Hathaway is such a classic beauty. And generally has amazing taste and style.

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