Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blogging the Oscars

So I've turned on E! and am going to watch the stars arrive... and totally dish on their outfits!! Ryan Seacrest is, of course, hosting. The Slumdog Millionaire kids are adorable. And it is hilarious that Seacrest is trying to interview them and most don't speak English!! Ha!! I love the classic gowns. I love the edgy gowns. I don't like skanky though. All the blah blah blah about people texting predictions and such... boring. Not enough STARS! Melissa Leo- love the style, not the color. Looks like poop. But gorgeous design. Taraji Henson... they just spotlighted this gorgeous ivory gown and an amazing antique looking necklace. She's a way cute lady. Seacrest is spending a lot of time with the Slumdog folks. John Legend... snazzy, classy guy. And he and his date are totally excited to meet the stars of Slumdog. Cool. And the female star of Slumdog just totally hit on Seacrest. Ha! There's Robert Pattinson from Twilight. Haven't seen the movie yet but read the book. He is definitely a cute fella! Wearing the typical tux. Heidi Klum- almost always gorgeous. No exception this evening! Gorgeous earrings, amazing cut gown. Gown shows off her legs. Can't fathom how she balances in those heels! Love that jewelry is making a comeback this year. Michael Shannon from Revolutionary Road... odd looking guy. Looks like he needs a long night's sleep. One thing I'll say for all the excitement over Slumdog Millionaire is that it has certainly added some diversity to the red carpet! Viola Davis- gorgeous gold gown. Few could carry it off. She looks amazing. And she has awesome tone in her arms. Her skin color and tone are really perfect for the gown she's wearing. Seacrest... don't ask a co-star to dish on the other stars. Just asked Michael Shannon if Winslet and DiCaprio talked a lot about Titanic. And he made a dumb joke about it. Ugh. Taking a break. Will be back. And hope to eventually add photos so this all makes sense!

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