Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cashew Chicken Stew

So I read a Crock Pot recipe for Cashew Chicken that I thought sounded good. But when I started to actually make it, it just wasn't right. So I made it up as I went and it ended up really tasty!! 2 cans of golden mushroom soup 1 can water 1 jar of Trader Joe's Chinese Five Spice 3 lb chicken I assembled the above in my Crock Pot. The chicken was partially defrosted- just enough to easily get it out of the packaging and cut it into tenders. I cooked this on high for 2 hours. Then I added: 1 can sliced water chestnuts (drained) 1 can baby corn (drained) 1/2 bag of frozen carrots I cooked this a bit longer on high but needed the chicken to cook faster since it was just about dinner time. So I transferred it all to a large, deep skillet and simmered it on the stove until the chicken was done. Serve over rice (I used brown rice) and sprinkle cashew pieces on top! This is one of the few dishes that I ate as prepared. I normally add stuff to mine that my family doesn't eat- pepper, sour cream, garlic salt, garlic powder, or other spices and such. But this is so flavorful all on its own! It was delish!!


Cajoh said...

I'm always looking for a way to use our crock pot rather than a vessel to heat cider in. If you were to assemble it in the morning and cook it on low would the chicken dry out— I HATE dry chicken.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I think it would be totally fine on low for a longer cooking period. Maybe add more water for the sake of having enough liquid.

I almost never cook on high- because I generally use my crock pot as a device for having dinner ready when I get home from work.